Projects based on book

Here I’m collect our projects, which were precursors for the book’s examples,
and also, conversely, the projects, which were built by extending book’s examples.

They are sorted by book’s chapters.

1. openFrameworks basics

Pendulum example uses physics derived from my “Rubber Gravity” experiment (2010):

3. Building a Simple Particle System

The particles system engine, creating in this chapter, is taken from our project “Abstract Wall” (2013):

5. Working with Videos

Using video sequence example was influenced by our Kinect-based game “Gofrobots” (2012):

6. Working with Sounds

Image to Sound example was starting point for our “Sounds Triangles” musical instrument (2013):

Dancing Cloud was influenced by our “NCode” installation (2011):

7. Drawing in 3D

Triangles Cloud example was used in our live visuals for symphonic orchestra (2013):

8. Using Shaders

Liquify example which demonstrates fragment shader with Perlin Noise, was used for creating video transitions in “Seven interactive guides” installations (2014):

9. Computer Vision with OpenCV

Perspective distortion removing example is a part of our Kinect-based interactive floor games (2011):

Optical flow and video morphing example uses optical flow, which I love much, and previously play with it in MirrorFun project (2010):

Source codes:

10. Using Depth Cameras

Creating interactive surface example was starting point for our Kinect-based “Interactive Cloth” project:

The precursor of this example is my Kinect-based additive synthesizer (2013):

Appendix: Perlin Noise

Perlin Points example is based on idea of animating of flying moths in our project “Moths” (2011):

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