I would like to thank my family – wife Svetlana and son Timofey for their huge patience and suggestions. And so many thanks to my parents and grandparents for great pirozhki which was a necessary part of the book-writing process.

My creative coding experience and the desire to write the book appeared thankfully to artist Igor Sodazot, who invented and designed most of the interactive installations, which I program for him using openFrameworks. He is the coauthor of the most of book’s examples and its video/audio contents.

Thanks to my scientific supervisor Victor Borisovich Kostousov for expending so many effort to shape my scientific style of thinking and writing.

I would like to thank my colleagues, working in interactive media art, experimental music and dance fields – prof. Yoichi Nagashima, Tatyana Komarova, Ekaterina Zharinova, and my first curator Ksenia Fedorova, for their teaching and influence.

And, big thanks to my friends and scientific colleagues, supporting me and helping with ideas: Nikolay Mikhalev, Sergey Samuraev, Kirill Kostousov, Fedor Kornilov, Elizaveta Sayfutdinova, prof. Pavel Konstantinovich Kuznetzov.

This book would be impossible without hard work on proof-reading by Angelina Poptzova and reviewing by Tim Pulver and Mathias Paumgarten.

Thanks to the Packt Publishing, who made this book possible.

Thanks to the creators and whole openFrameworks community for creating this amazing toolkit.


All the examples were developed together Igor Sodazot, and some of them are parts of our projects which we made in Kuflex company. Exception is the Dancing cloud example, which is based on the idea of nCode installation by Andrey Krel, Igor Sodazot, Denis Perevalov and Pavel Tikhonenko (2011, Moscow).

All the video and audio content for examples was made by / with Igor Sodazot, except:

  • Image sunflower.png by © Johnson
  • Music track surface.wav by Ilya Orange (

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